Global central banking experts launch the Digital Monetary Institute

The Official Forum of Monetary and Financial Institutions (OMFIF), a global and independent think tank for central banking and economic policy, announced the launch of its Digital Monetary Institute earlier this month.

The Institute aims to build bridges between the world of digital currencies and traditional banking, and focuses on payment instruments in the wholesale and retail markets, and on digital central bank currencies (DCBC).

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Central bank interest in digital currency is growing
The OMFIF itself has already been publishing detailed reports on digital currency and CBDCs since 2018. On the key focus of the new institute, Bhavin Patel, head of research at OMFIF, said

„We believe that there will be more central bank digital currency projects in the coming years, both on the wholesale and retail side of the market and in many jurisdictions, including the euro area.

The institute’s founding members include politicians, technologists, financiers and regulators, along with some blockcha-oriented companies such as Cypherium, which also recently joined the „Microsoft for Startups“ program.

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Patel explained that these companies „bring technical expertise to an ongoing conversation between policymakers and financial analysts.

Considering all points of view
Like its parent organization, OMFIF, the Digital Monetary Institute plans a regular program of meetings and forums, where its members from the public and private sectors can discuss relevant issues.

Recent attendees of the OMFIF roundtable discussions include senior representatives of the European Central Bank and the Bank for International Settlements, as well as central banks from Europe, Japan, China and Australia.

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Cypherium’s CEO, Sky Guo, explained the benefits of having access to so many key economists and financial politicians:

„Through the Institute’s events and conferences, we can explore practical and detailed ways in which Cypherium technology can benefit our global financial systems. The world and the Bitcoin Revolution credit card vs bank account, sell ethereum Bitcoin Billionaire uk, Immediate Edge i gdax, Bitcoin Trader withdrawl fees, The News Spy buy bitcoin with credit card fee, Bitcoin Era dashboard not loading, Bitcoin Code 4th coin, Bitcoin Circuit vs revolut, how to change address Bitcoin Evolution, how to use bitcoin from Bitcoin Profit on binance are constantly changing, and these are uncertain times. Block chains have become one of the undisputed engines of innovation of our time, and they will certainly help us navigate a more prosperous future.